Richards MardensPhotographer, filmmaker, storyteller

Richard is an accomplished adventurer. No mountain is too big, no ocean is too wide. A passionate marine mammal biologist, the adventure is a second nature for him, from a very young age, to meet other cultures, discover other places, immerse himself.

Diving instructor, scientific diver, the marine environment clearly plays a big part in his life. He completed his studies in biology and added studies in science and environmental management in order to make a difference. Since then, he has initiated several expeditions and scientific projects to promote nature and raise awareness on the protection of the environment.

Huge fan of outdoor activities and big spaces, all means are good to discover the world and meet people!

Richard is a renowned photographer and adventure videographer. He focuses on sharing the beauty of nature and the bond with human that he captures in images with a naive eye. Surfing on different projects, mega-productive and hyper versatile, he excels in complete immersion contexts.

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